October 25, 2021

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Best String Trimmer Buying Guide

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The Ego’s power is as impressive as its run time, and none of the other trimmers we tested could match its sheer cutting strength. While trimming in the field or on the Los Angeles hillside, we never had to stop, hesitate, or even slow down when using the Ego. Other trimmers bound themselves up in the tall grass or pushed the grass over rather than cutting it.

Experienced landscapers know that you’ll need several depth settings in order to really trim your edges neatly. Begin with a shallow setting and eventually graduate to the deepest setting. You’ll see a marked difference along the edge as the depth grows larger.

Best Lawn Edger

If you’d rather have the assurance of a second battery (though we don’t think it’s necessary), additional ones are available, ranging from about $150 to $400, depending on ampere hours. Finally, to confirm our findings, we’ve spent years using our picks and other leading contenders for our day-to-day string trimming needs at a variety of properties. After new tests, the Ego ST1511T Power+ String Trimmer with Powerload is our pick. We’ve added the Worx WG170.2 GT Revolution 20V PowerShare String Trimmer and Edger as a pick for small lawns.

The edger should also be very easy to maneuver even on the hardest surfaces. The power offered by the edger is enough to get all your edging work done to perfection. It creates clear, nice cut lines that leave your edger looking at its best.

Engineering Equipment And Devices

More powerful engines tend to use up more gas – there’s no point buying a big gas-guzzling model when you only need it for light use. One of the most important considerations is how powerful the cutter is. If you are choosing a gas-powered trimmer, power is obviously important, and you should pay attention to whether the power output is enough for the kind of jobs you want to do. That’s where gas weed eaters win out – they suffer from neither of these problems. Gas versions are usually a much more powerful option, and when they run out of gas, you simply top them up again – there’s no waiting for the battery to recharge.

If you are starting from scratch, you may need a walk behind edger. When searching for an edger, try to find one that will allow you to adjust the cut depth. This will allow you to tailor your edger to the exact needs of your property and will provide you with the cleanest and best looking finished product.

But it’s awfully hard to beat that warranty period, and it works well enough, even going about a half inch deeper than the WORX edger typically does. Still an excellent choice, it’s close to the best electric lawn edger, but is just that hair’s breadth away. One of those twisted pathways running across your lawn, perhaps? You’ll have noticed just how hard it is to edge any dramatic curves with a powered lawn edger, if not completely impossible. If you have a very large lawn, you may have to charge the battery to complete the job, or just pick up a second battery. The Ryobi ONE batteries are interchangeable with their entire line of tools, which makes it easy.

  • The time you can take to edge your lawns is a result of many factors.
  • Battery-operated weed trimmers are heavier than corded electric string trimmers, and gas weed eaters tend to be the heaviest.
  • With most other trimmers, the entire trimmer head needs to be disassembled and the new line manually wound onto the spool .

A major consideration you’ll need to make when choosing an edger is the power type. Depending on your needs and the size of your lawn, you’ll be able to determine the type of engine that’s best for you. If you’re planning on edging your lawn along a curb or other uneven surface, you may want to look into a four-wheeled model, as opposed to a three-wheeled model, or a stick edger.

Find The Best String Trimmer For Your Yard

Still an excellent selection, it’s close to the best electrical lawn edger, however is simply that hair’s breadth away. Longer shafts ease turning from one place to a different, it’ll additionally maintain the fumes at a longer distance. You will need to assess the optimum cutting swath best gas lawn edger 2018 on your yard. A trimmer is an essential software for preserving your yard neat and tidy. However, with so many alternative models, it can be complicated to make your buy determination. It also comes with a chopping line indicator that can allow you to reduce in straight traces.

best gas lawn edger 2018

It’s a lot easier to maintain an existing edge than it is to create a new one. Edger made for Craftsman by MTD (per owner’s best gas lawn edger 2018 manual), so parts are readily available. It will also need to be cordless and hopefully something that lasts a long time.

We do think the alignment arrows on the line head cap could be more visible. It was the only demerit, and a small one, that we could find on this fine machine. Many electric edgers cost less than $100, while a good gas edger can cost $200 or more. You can spend more than $500, but there is no need to pay that much for a solid edger.

best gas lawn edger 2018

Author: Kay Burton

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